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Potable water dispensers at the MUG



The Medical University of Gdańsk is the first Pomeranian university to install SNG dispensers for drinking tap water. Thanks to these devices, students and employees can use city water without restrictions. As part of cooperation with Saur Neptun Gdańsk SA, four units have been installed at the University – two in the rector’s office, one in the Collegium Medicum building and one at the Faculty of Pharmacy. This project is the company’s flagship program, successfully implemented since 2013. So far, 172 devices have been installed in schools and kindergartens in Gdańsk.

- I am grateful that Mayor of Gdańsk had decided to extend such a valuable initiative to universities as well. In the academic community, attach the necessary importance to the pro-ecological attitudes, as well as care for the natural environment. I am convinced that this initiative will gain recognition among our employees, students and doctoral students – said prof. Marcin Gruchała, Rector of the MUG.

The two internal dispensers are used to fill bottles or cups. They are equipped with a sensor that starts the water outflow, as well as a built-in counter for 1-liter bottles, which – thanks to the use of tap water – did not end up in the garbage. The device is made of stainless steel and has elements of impact-resistant ABS plastic with antibacterial properties.

- When talking about the benefits of drinking tap water, we always emphasize the ecological aspect. By limiting the purchase of bottled water, we reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment, and then into landfills, explains Jacek Kieloch, vice president of Saur Neptun Gdańsk.

Two water dispensers are three-function devices that offer hot, cold and sparkling water. It is possible to regulate the temperature of cold water in the range of 5-12 °C, while the water temperature can increase up to 85 °C. The carbonated water tank can hold a maximum of 1.5 l.

- The habit of drinking water is important at any age. We managed to show a trend for tap water in schools, we achieved similar success in kindergartens. We hope that students will find out that it is better to fill a water bottle with tap water than to buy water in a shop – added the president Kieloch.

The installation of the water dispensers was preceded by comprehensive tests inside the building. The entire work, including the purchase of the equipment, as well as their assembly and laboratory tests, was financed by SNG.

- It’s a response to the request of our employees and students – said Marek Langowski, the chancellor of the University. – Drinking tap water and the process of reducing plastic consumption is also important to us. I would like to thank the company Saur Neptun Gdańsk for the successful cooperation.

photo by Paweł Sudara/the MUG