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Rector's meeting with the dean's authorities of two terms


In the last week of August, the rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk, prof. Marcin Gruchała met with the dean’s authorities of the past and the new term. He thanked the Deans and Deputy Deans of the 2016-2020 term for the good cooperation and joint building of the prestige of our University and handed the nominations to their successors.


The first meeting took place on August 26st with the authorities of the Faculty of Health Sciences with the IMMiT . The new Dean is prof. Przemysław Rutkowski, M.D., Ph.D. current Deputy Dean of the Faculty. The function of Deputy Dean for Science and Staff Development and the first deputy is performed by Prof. Piotr Lass, Ph.D. , while the Deputy Dean for Teaching Affairs is Prof. Piotr Wąż, Ph.D. Deputy Dean for the Quality of Education and Student Internships was Dr hab. Agnieszka Zimmermann, Pharm.D. and the Deputy Dean for Promotion and Development Dr hab. Aleksandra Gaworska-Krzemińska, Ph.D.. The Rector thanked Prof. Andrzej Basiński, M.D., Ph.D. for performing the function of the Dean in the 2016-2020 term.


With the current and former authorities of the Faculty of Pharmacy, prof. Gruchała met on August 27th. He handed the nomination to the new Dean of the Faculty Prof. Wojciech Kamysz, Pharm.D. and his closest associates: Deputy Dean for Teaching Affairs, first deputy of the Dean Dr hab. Bartosz Wielgomas, Pharm.D., Deputy Dean for Teaching Affairs Dr hab. Magdalena Prokopowicz, Pharm.D., Deputy Dean for Science and Staff Developement Dr hab. Danuta Siluk, Pharm.D.. The Rector thanked the current Dean of the Faculty Prof. Michał Markuszewski, Pharm.D. who as from September 1st this year, will perform the duties of Vice-Rector for Science.


Representatives of the dean’s authorities of the Faculty of Medicine met with the Rector of the MUG on August 28th this year. The nomination for the dean’s position was received by Prof. Radosław Owczuk, M.D., Ph.D. and the Deputy Deans: Prof. Ewa Słomińska, M.D., Ph.D. as Deputy Dean for Science and Staff Developement and Deputy Deans for Teaching Affairs: Dr hab. Maria Bieniaszewska, M.D., Ph.D., Dr hab. Kamil Chwojnicki, M.D., Ph.D., Dr hab. Aida Kusiak, M.D., Ph.D., Univeristy Professor, Dr hab. Paweł Zagożdżon, M.D., Ph.D., Univeristy Professor. Professor Gruchała thanked the Deans for the collaboration in the 2016-2020 term: Dean Prof. Maria Dudziak, M.D., Ph.D. and Deputy Deans: Dr hab. Bartłomiej Ciesielski, Ph.D., Prof. Maria Alicja Dębska-Ślizień, M.D., Ph.D., Prof. Marek Niedoszytko, M.D., Ph.D., Prof. Małgorzata Sokołowska-Wojdyło, M.D., Ph.D. and Prof. Michał Żmijewski, M.D., Ph.D.


With the current Dean of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology, UG and MUG Prof. Igor Konieczny, Ph.D. Rector Gruchała met on August 31st this year. He thanked Dean Konieczny for the partnership and successful cooperation and wished him good luck in the implementation of the newly entrusted tasks as the director of the Intercollegiate Doctoral School of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the MUG.

photo Zbigniew Wszeborowski/ the MUG