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The MUG representatives meet with NAWA team



The Medical University of Gdańsk is the first university in Poland visited by the newly elected management of the Communication and Promotion Division of National Agency for Academic Exchange (pol. NAWA). The meeting took place on the 26th of August. It concerned, among others, exchange of previous experiences, discussion about future activities and possibilities of supporting the internationalization of universities. On the part of the Agency, the talks were attended by: Head of the Division, Radosław Wojnowski, and main specialists – * Joanna Jancz Ph.D.* and Michał Kaczmarek, while our University was represented by: dr hab. Sławomir Wójcik – head of the Recruitment Department, M.Sc.Ewa Kiszka – head of the Department for Internationalization of the University with the deputy M.Sc Dawid Spychała, Jacek Kaczmarek Ph.D – specialist in relations with foreign graduates, MA Marzena Kołtoniak from the Center for Foreign Students Support – Welcome Point and Joanna Śliwińska Ph.D. – spokesperson and head of the Communication Unit.

Thanks to the NAWA funding received in 2018 in the “Welcome to Poland” program, the MUG implements 2 projects:

- “Welcome Center” – its main goal is to raise the level of internationalization of the University (the so-called Internationalization at home) by developing interpersonal, cultural, linguistic and professional skills of MUG employees and creating a place dedicated to help the students and foreign staff as a central information and contact point – Welcome Point; the project manager is Dawid Spychała, MA;

- “Hand in Hand into the Future” – a project implemented under the NAWA Program entitled “International Alumni” that includes activities aimed at developing and strengthening relations with foreign alumni of the MUG, through foreign integration and promotion meetings, preparation of dedicated Internet tools to improve communication with graduates, issuing English-language electronic publications for current and future students and conducting webinars with the participation of foreign graduates; the project manager is Jacek Kaczmarek, Ph.D.

Moreover, dr hab. Sławomir Wójcik and Ewa Kiszka cooperate with NAWA in the field of international marketing, including researching the potential and acquiring new markets, mainly in the recruitment of foreign students, cooperation with diplomatic institutions, recruitment agencies, and foreign universities. Ewa Kiszka also acts as an expert evaluating applications under competitions announced by NAWA.

The cooperation of MUG with NAWA enables the exchange of knowledge, implementation of good practices, and increases the level of internationalization of our University. The implemented tasks are part of the Development Strategy of the Medical University of Gdańsk for 2019-2025.

fot. Zbigniew Wszeborowski/ The MUG