African Day

Malaria is a life threatening disease. The infection occurs through the sting of a mosquito (famales from the Anophales genus). Although the disease can be prevented and successfully treated, it still threatens the lives of approximately 3.2 billion people worldwide, i.e. nearly half the population. People with reduced immunity, children, pregnant women and AIDS patients are primarily at risk. Due to the lack of a vaccine, malaria is also dangerous for travelers around the world. Every year, the disease causes over 438,000 deaths, most of which are reported in Sub-Saharan Africa, where one child dies from malaria every minute.

On the occasion of the World Malaria Day, African students and the International Relations Office would like to invite the MUG’s academic community to the African Day. which will take place on April 24th (Friday) from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the main hall of Collegium Biomedicum. During the event you will have an opportunity to visit various expositions, stands, listen to presentations, participate in a charity auction.. and dance. Our African students will present their traditional regional clothes, offer delicacies from their countries and present the elements of culture of the regions they come from. We will learn more about tropical diseases and also how to get involved in helping Africa.

You are all kindly invited. Experience and love Africa!

Time and place:



Collegium Biomedicum, Dębinki 1