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The MUG football team with bronze medal in Budva


The representation of the MUG’s Football Sporting Section along with the University’s alumni formed the Regional Medical Chamber of Gdańsk team during the Medigames Budva World Medical Championships 2019.

The Polish representatives took the 3rd place in the final team classification and hence, claimed the bronze medal. They competed with Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Norway, Uzbekistan and Russia. – The tournament level was even and very high. – The matches were played in difficult climatic conditions on five Montenegrin football stadiums – says the coach Dariusz Łyżwiński, Ph.D. – during matches the temperature often reached 40 degrees Celsius. Good motor skills and team cooperation crowned our trip with success.

The best goalkeeper of the Tournament was the MUG alumni Bartosz Woźniak.

The Ph.D. student Mateusz Czajkowski, M.D., from the Department of Urology was our team’s captain.

Team members:

  • Andrzej Kadylak (3rd year medical student)
  • Dariusz Męcikalski (4th year student of the medical and dental faculty)
  • Mikołaj Mielke (Ph.D. student at the Department of Dental Surgery)
  • Maciej Pokrzeptowicz (3rd year medical student),
  • Konrad Szydłowski (6th year medical student),
  • Karol Szopiński (2nd year student of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry degree course),
  • Michał Zapaśnik (3rd year medical student),
  • Błażej Borowy (MUG intern and alumni),
  • Bartosz Woźniak (MUG alumni),
  • Robert Jaworski (MUG alumni),
  • Damian Łupiński (MUG alumni),
  • Nerijus Prusinowski (MUG alumni),
  • Filip Inglot (3rd year medical student at the Wroclaw Medical University)

Individual matches’ results:

  • Poland vs Norway 1:0 (goal: M.Czajkowski)
  • Poland vs Russia 2:3 (goals: F.Inglot, R.Jaworski)
  • Poland vs Uzbekistan 1:0 (goal: K. Szopiński)
  • Poland vs Chile 2:0 (goals: F.Inglot, K.Szydłowski)
  • Poland vs Brasil 2:0 (goals: K.Szydłowski, K.Szopiński)
  • Poland vs Columbia 2:4 (goals: F.Inglot, M.Mielke)