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Farewell to Professor Roman Kaliszan



It is with deep regret and mourning that we bid farewell to

Professor Roman Kaliszan

who died on 9 th May. Prof. Kaliszan was a Rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk in term 2005-2008, Member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Corresponding Member the Polish Academy of Arts. For many years he was the head of the MUG Department of Biopharmacy and Pharmacodynamics. Professor Kaliszan was an author of 2 and co-author of 30 books and of ca. 300 full length articles published in world recognized journals on general chemistry (e.g. Chemical Reviews), medicinal chemistry (e.g. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry), analytical chemistry (e.g. Analytical Chemistry; Biosensors and Bioelectronics), bioinformatics (e.g. Proteomics; Journal of Proteome Research), pharmaceutical technology (e.g. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences), pharmacology (e.g. Molecular Pharmacology) and clinical medicine (e.g. Diabetologia, Thrombosis and Hemosthasis).