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Juwenalia – Festival For Students By Students

Six of Gdansk universities, including the Medical University of Gdansk, will join forces to organize a music festival within the framework of student juwenalia.

The organizers plan to perform about twenty performers on several stages, including outdoor, but also in the interiors of shipyard clubs. The first announced artists were..: Krzysztof Zalewski, Lady Pank, Tede, Nocny Kochanek oraz Bass Astral x Igo.The concerts will begin with a procession of students, who will set off in the direction of the shipyard from the fountain of Neptune. The Gdańsk Juwenalia Hall is planned to host about 30 thousand people. This year’s Juwenalia Gdańskie 33 artists and 7 stages. It is the second time that all public universities in Gdańsk, together with the Miasto Gdańsk City of Gdańsk and Fundacja Gdańska The Gdańsk Foundation, have cooperated in organizing the student holiday. The good news that all the concerts of the Gdansk Juwenalia will be for free.

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