The first newborn baby in the Non-Invasive Medicine Centre

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The first newborn baby in the Non-Invasive Medicine Centre


Maja is the first newborn baby in the Non-Invasive Medicine Centre, new MUG’s hospital. She was born at the 7th of February. The greeting of the first newborn baby were attended by: Aleksandra Dulkiewicz – acting mayor of Gdańsk, prof. Marcin Gruchała, M.D. Ph.D., – rector of MUG and Jakub Kraszewski – general director of UCC. Since Wednesday, 9 children have been born here.

The last newborn baby in the hospital on Kliniczna Street was born on the 4th of February by caesarean section. A few hours later, an official greeting of the newborn child and a symbolic farewell to the historical hospital took place. The hospital operated for over 100 years – even during the II World War – and more than a quarter of a million children were born there.

Moving a hospital is a logistically complicated process which requires a certain reorganisation in the functioning of the clinics. – Thank you all for your patience and understanding, it was a difficult moment. I would like to thank all my employees who took part in this undertaking – says Jakub Kraszewski, general director of UCC.

The new hospital have 1-2 person rooms with bathrooms, a 9-bed isolation unit, a obstetrics and neonatal unit (18 beds), aseptic obstetrics unit (20 beds) and a pregnancy pathology unit (20 beds), 6 labour wards, 3 rooms for caesarean section and additonal rooms for increased supervision. At the University Clinical Centre medical care is available to pregnant women with normal course as well as those whose pregnancy is at risk.

fot. Sylwia Mierzewska UCK