MUG at CWTS Leiden Ranking

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MUG at CWTS Leiden Ranking



The Medical University of Gdańsk was recorded in CWTS Leiden Ranking 2018.

The 2018 ranking edition was prepared on the basis of bibliometric indicators from four years (2013-2016) and covers 938 universities from all over the globe.

MUG have very high quality of publications and belongs to the absolute top national leaders universities.

The Leiden Ranking enables to select sophisticated bibliometric indicators, to generate results based on these indicators and to explore the results from three different perspectives. Best known is the traditional list view, in which you can rank universities according to a selected indicator. The Leiden Ranking offers two additional perspectives: the chart view and the map view. The chart view shows universities in a scatter plot, so that you can explore the performance of universities using two selected indicators. The map view shows universities in a world map and provides a geographical perspective on universities and their performance.

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