The Medicinal Plant Garden Open Days

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The Medicinal Plant Garden Open Days


Over 230 people visited the MUG’s Medicinal Plant Garden during its open days last week. The 7th edition of the event organised by the Department of Pharmacognosy of the Faculty of Pharmacy focused on plant ingredients of herbal products – medicines and dietary supplements with sedative and hypnotic properties (Melissae folium, Valerianae radix, Hyperici herba, Lavandulae folium, Leonurii herba, Passiflorae herba). As every year, the Garden was visited by numerous groups of school and pre-school children who got acquainted with the world of essential oil plants, including those used as sedative plants. The youngest participants were eager to take part in workshops activities prepared for them. A special attraction was the observation of the honey bee family. Adults had an opportunity to walk around the Garden and listen to lectures.

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