The SEP at the Faculty of Pharmacy

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The SEP at the Faculty of Pharmacy


Twelve students from Portugal, Egypt, Spain, Serbia, Hungary and France spent summer in Gdańsk as part of the Students Exchange Program (SEP). The project, implemented by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (ISPF), gives an opportunity to pharmacy students from all over the world to take up internships. The visit was coordinated by Karolina Smolińska, a member of the Polish Pharmaceutical Students’ Association.

Students took classes in both open and hospital pharmacies, as well as at the MUG’s Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy. At the Department of Inorganic Chemistry under the supervision of Maciej Jaśkiewicz MA, students learned the synthesis of peptides and evaluated their antimicrobial activity. In the Tri-City Academic Laboratory Animal Centre – Research and Services Centre, Damian Szczesny Ph.D. acquainted students with the principles of conducting experiments using laboratory animals, and at the Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology under the supervision of Krzysztof Waleron Ph.D., they learned the microbiological diagnostics.

Students also visited the MUG’s Museum where Marek Bukowski M.D. Ph.D. presented the history of the University, as well as the Medicinal Plant Garden where Loretta Pobłocka-Olech Ph.D. from the Department of Pharmacognosy walked them around the garden.

In their free time, students visited Gdańsk and the Malbork castle to then go to Krakow for the SEP gathering.