A new initiative to fight prostate cancer

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A new initiative to fight prostate cancer


The Prostate Cancer Unit was established at the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk. The aim of the new unit is a comprehensive and multi-specialised approach to cancer treatment. What’s more, it is the first unit of this type in Poland.

The official inauguration of the Prostate Cancer Unit took place on July 4, during a press conference attended by prof. Marcin Gruchała, M.D. Ph.D. – rector of the Medical University of Gdańsk, Jakub Kraszewski – general director of the University Clinical Centre, Artur Antoniewicz M.D. Ph.D. – national consultant in the field of urology, prof. Jacek Jassem, M.D., Ph.D. – head of the Department of Oncology & Radiotherapy and prof. Marcin Matuszewski, M.D. Ph.D. – head of the Department of Urology.

Patients are admitted on Mondays from 3 to 5 PM on the first floor of the Invasive Medicine Centre. Registration is possible by phone (58 500 40 44) or email (rejestracja@uck.gda.pl).

Fot. Sylwia Mierzewska, UCK