SciVal Forums Polska - inauguration in Gdańsk

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SciVal Forums Polska - inauguration in Gdańsk


Forum SciVal, is the first of a series of environmental meetings, the aim of which is to gather a broadly understood scientific community interested in the evaluation and management of scientific research at the national and institutional level. The MUG was the host of the first meeting in Gdańsk that took place in the Invasive Medicine Centre. The meeting was organised jointly by Elsevier, scientific, technical, and medical information provider and a publishing company together with the Education Foundation “Perspektywy”.

SciVal offers quick and easy access to research results from more than 8,500 research institutions from 220 countries around the world. Thanks to it, you can analyse and visualise research results, compare research institutions or identify opportunities for cooperation and analysis of trends in research.

The meeting was opened by prof. Jacek Bigda, the MUG’s Vice-Rector for Development and Education and Tomasz Psonka from Elsevier. Prof. Tomasz Bączek, Vice-Rector for Science presented the prospects of scientific development of medical universities based on knowledge obtained from rankings and bibliometric analyses. Representatives of the Educational Foundation “Perspektywy” presented the role of citations and publications in global compilations and bibliometric indicators affecting the recognition of the university. Subsequent meetings within SciVal Forums Polska will take place in Wrocław, Kraków, Lublin and Warsaw.