Orientation Week starts September 21

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Orientation Week starts September 21



Special week of orientation activities for first-year medical students is culminating in Matriculation Ceremony. A number of activities have been designed to introduce students to medical school realities and to formally induct new students into the profession of medicine.

The morning meetings on Monday, Tuesday and Friday are held in Lecture Hall C at the Collegium Biomedicum on 1 Dębinki Str., Gdańsk 80-211. The morning meeting on Wednesday and Induction Ceremony are held at The Professor Narkiewicz Hall (Auditorium Primum). The Professor Narkiewicz Hall (Auditorium Primum) is located in the building of Atheneum Gedanense Novum on 41-42 Al. Zwycięstwa Str., Gdańsk 80-210.

You will find more information on our website at www.admission.mug.edu.pl.