MUG thoracic surgeon and IFMSA-Poland recognized

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MUG thoracic surgeon and IFMSA-Poland recognized


On March 2-8 2015, the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) General Assembly March Meeting 2015 took place in Antalya (Turkey). During this semi-annual meeting, students participate in sessions devoted to the standing programs and subject-based sessions. Humanitarian aid which in the current global situation requires an increasing amount of human resources was the leading topic of this meeting. Two medical students represented the MUG during this meeting: Karolina Górska (IFMSA-Poland National Coordinator for reproductive health and AIDS) and Rita Sharma (IFMSA-Poland National Coordinator for scientific exchange).

Twice a year, the IFMSA publishes the MSI magazine (Medical Students International). The latest issue features an article by Tomasz Marjański, MD PhD (MUG Department of Thoracic Surgery). For many years dr. Marjański has been a tutor for IFMSA members who arrived in Gdańsk for scientific exchange.

Each article published in MSI magazine is a major recognition for the author as well has his/her organization. The march issue of MSI also includes an article by MUG’s Karolina Górska (VI year of medicine) regarding the Pink Lips Project. This project is aimed at increasing women’s awareness of cervical cancer prevention and undergoing regular cytology examination. During the project’s internet campaign and direct action events the students point attention to the high incidence of cervical cancer in young women using a visible sign – pink-colored lips.

Both articles are available at

IFMSA is the world’s largest student organization. It has over 1 million members from over 100 countries.

The next IFMSA meeting will take place this August in Macedonia.