The success of the "6-10-14 for Health" program

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The success of the "6-10-14 for Health" program



A research project regarding the “6-10-14 for Health” program as a model for healthcare system-wide prevention and treatment of childhood obesity was awarded first prize at the 4th Conference of the Polish Association for the Study of Obesity in Zwierć on 12-14 september 2013. The winning project is authored by Michał Brzeziński (MUG Department of Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition; “6-10-14 for Health” program), Marek Jankowski and Aleksandra Niedzielska (both from “6-10-14 for Health” program; Center for Promotion of Childhood Health), Agnieszka Danielewicz (“6-10-14 for Health” program; Nutrition and Development Institute Eligo) and Paulina Czarnecka (“6-10-14 for Health” program; MUG PhD Program).

The “6-10-14 for Health” program is conducted by the University Clinical Center and financed by the City of Gdańsk. The innovativeness of this program has been recognized by the Europeans Association for the Study of Obesity. The program and UCC both received an EASO certification, which confirms the clinical effectiveness and quality of this intervention. The UCC is one of only two EASO-certified Obesity Treatment Centers in Poland.