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New campaign by



How does the search for an organ donor look like? What emotions accompany the patients, the transplant coordinators and the doctors? What do the organ recipients feel after the transplantation? Those and other questions are the focus of the first episode of a short film series about organ transplantation. The episode “Emotions” was filmed at the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk and other locations. You can see it on the’s YouTube channel (

-“We want everyone to be become familiar with the human side of transplantation and the emotions felt by everyone involved in that process” said Paweł Klikowicz, coordinator of the campaign. “We aim to start a nation-wide discussion about transplantation and we hope that our short films will help lead to that.”

A total of 1056 transplantation procedures have been performed in Poland so far this year. Although the number of donors and procedures is rising each year, about 1500 people are still waiting for an organ donation. That is why there is an on-going need to create more awareness in our society about transplantation. (meaning “”) is a public campaign promoting informed donation of organs, bone marrow and blood. Its main goal is to increase the Polish society’s knowledge about transplantation procedures, leading to greater acceptance of transplantation. This campaign is conducted by a group of students from Gdańsk (mostly MUG) who volunteer their time. On their website ( you can print a declaration of donorship of your organs.