The 8th annual Good Health Picnic took place

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The 8th annual Good Health Picnic took place


Over sixty booths, several thousand medical examinations performed and several hundred consultations as well as contests, healthy snacks and lots of fun – that’s how we can sum up this year’s edition of the Good Health Picnic. The event was organized by the MUG and took place on June 8th at the park adjacent to Aleja Zwycięstwa and the Rector’s Building.

Visitors had an opportunity to obtain blood sugar and cholesterol tests, learn breast self-examination and first aid, find out how to quit smoking or try surgical suturing. As in the past editions, there was also the highly popular medical rescue showcase as well as an outdoor yoga class. Many visitors participated in the anti-HCV testing which was offered for the first time in the Picnic’s history. This testing was offered as part of the project “HCV – the silent killer, your ignorance keeps it alive” (“Cichy Zabójca WZW C. Działa w ukryciu. Twoja niewiedza utrzymuje go przy życiu”).


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