MUG recruits at the educational expo in Riyadh

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MUG recruits at the educational expo in Riyadh


Representatives of the MUG took part in the educational expo in Riyadh during April 16-19 2013. Over 300000 students and their parents from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the neighboring countries visited the expo and took an oportunity to learn about over 430 universities and learning institutions from 37 foreign countries, 51 Saudi Arabian universities as well as participate in lectures and workshops. Poland was represented by MUG and the University of Warsaw. The MUG booth was open from 9:00 to 21:00 daily and was visited by representatives of Saudi universities interested in research cooperation as well as by many students interested in studying medicine as well as pharmacy, dentistry, nursing and PhD research.

Currently there are about 800 students from Saudi Arabia studying in Polish universities and nearly 170 of them are at the MUG. 60 Saudi students are enrolled in the year-long English language course at MUG, 38 are studying at the Pre-Medical program and about 70 are studying medicine in English. MUG is one of only 3 Polish medical universities recognized by the Saudi Arabian government.