MUG aerobics team is unrivaled

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MUG aerobics team is unrivaled


The MUG Women’s Aerobics team took all the places on the podium in the individual category at the Pomeranian Academic Championships in Aerobics on April 13th 2013 at the MUG Department of Physical Education and Sports. Students from three local universities participated: University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk university of Technology and MUG. The competition consisted of four categories: women’s individual, men’s individual, pair and trio.

Marta Stachowicz (V year pharmacy) won the gold medal, Agnieszka Wojewódka (VI year medicine) won silver and Natalia Nowakowski (II year medicine ED). Agnieszka Wojewódka and Szymon Szkoda (III year medicine) won gold in the pair category, while Magdalena Tobolska and Mateusz Marcinkowski (both I year physiotherapy) won bronze. In the trio category, MUG students also dominated: Marta Stachowicz, Marta Czyszek (V year medicine), Paulina Sobocińska (I year master of physiotherapy) won gold, while Katarzyna Haber (IV year pharmacy), Joanna Janik (IV year medicine) i Agata Tworkowska (III year paramedic program) won silver. Last but not least, Szymon Szkoda won silver in men’s individual category.

Overall, the MUG team under the direction of coach Aneta Korewo MSc won 1st place, while Gdańsk University of Technology and University of Gdańsk won second and third place respectively.