The best pharmacy thesis is chosen

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The best pharmacy thesis is chosen


Kinga Kochan (author of the thesis “Experimental validation of reference fragments for the quantification of DNA copies using the qPCR method” supervised by dr hab. Arkadiusz Piotrowski) and Małgorzata Lange (author of “Labeling the synthetic pyrethroid remnants in teas using the modified QuEChERS method” supervised by prof. Wojciech Czarnowski) both won first place at the Master Thesis Competition at the MUG Faculty of Pharmacy and Subfaculty of Laboratory Medicine which took place on March 26th 2012. Hanna Wiatr achieved second place for her thesis “Evaluation of the protective qualities of packaging materials” supervised by prof. Krzysztof Cal. Andrzej Trzandel (“The chromatographic analysis of the phenylopropane in selected biomasses of the Cyclopia plant species” supervised by prof. Maria Łuczkiewicz) and Edyta Okrucińska (“The regulation of thrombopondin 1 expression in a mouse podocyte culture” supervised by dr hab. Barbara Lewko) were tied for the third place. Edyta Okrucińska also won the Audience Award.

The competition was organized by the Gdańsk branch of the Young Pharmacy organization (Młoda Farmacja). A total of 9 theses completed in the academic year 2011/2012 were submitted to this year’s edition of the comptetition. The participants presented their experiments and results in 15 minutes or less. The theses were judged by a panel consisting of: prof. Apolonia Rybczyńska (panel Chairman), prof. Anna Lebiedzińska, dr hab.Anita Kornicka, dr hab. Krystyna Pieńkowska, Monika Mironiuk (Chairman of Young Pharmacy) and Agnieszka Połocka (contest organizer, student representative). The judges as well as everyone in the audience had opportunity to ask questions for the presenters. Prof. Rybczyńska played the role of master of ceremony and ensured that the event went smoothly.