MUG student and traveler earns a distinction

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MUG student and traveler earns a distinction


Daniel Kasprowicz, a student of the Master of Nutrition program at MUG, participated in two travel festivals during February 8-10 2013. First was the “NA SZAGĘ” competition at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Poznań. There, Daniel Kasprowicz gave a presentation about the dietary habits of the indigenous Malagasy people from the Sakalava tribe.

He also described the initiative to build a new nutrition center in Mampikony (more details at On February 9th, Daniel together with fellow traveler Dominik Włoch delivered their presentation “Children of Madagascar” at the “100droga” festival in Wschowy. The festival judges rewarded Daniel’s and Dominik’s presentation for their skillful blend of volunteering, passion for travel and pure joy of life.