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The MUG hospitals are highly-specialized reference centers offering such as: organ transplantation (heart, kidneys, bone marrow), radio and chemotherapy, child and adult hematology, invasive cardiology and electro-cardiology, organ surgery, hyperbaric medicine, tropical and nuclear medicine. The highly qualified staff with access to state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment equipment, such as rectangular hyperbaric chamber, magnetic resonance and CT scans, provide a high standard of medical services. The MUG is constantly modernizing its teaching and clinical infrastructure.

The Invasive Medicine Centre was built in 2011, funded by the Polish government (480 million PLN). It is the largest healthcare investment in the Pomorskie region in the last 30 years. This new hospital building consists of several parts which house 12 surgical wards. The Centre’s maximum bedspace is 311 patients. Its roof functions as a helicopter landing pad, which is connected with the Emergency Department via two elevators.

The Non-Invasive Medicine Centre is under construction at moment. It is the largest investment carried out by the Medical University of Gdańsk, which is the next stage of the University’s clinical base modernisation. The NIMC will have nearly 700 beds at its disposal. The building will have 8 operating rooms equipped with an integrated control system. The combined buildings of the Centre for Non-Invasive and Invasive Medicine will constitute one of the most modern medical facilities in Europe. The following institutions will be located here: Department of Cardiology; Department of Mental Diseases and Nervous Disorders; Department of Nephrology, Transplantation and Internal Medicine; Department of Internal Medicine and Connective Tissue Diseases; Department of Adult Neurology, including Stroke Center; Department of Endocrinology and Internal Medicine; Department of Geriatrics and Department of Obstetrics. Funding for the construction of the unit came primarily from the state budget, which set aside more than PLN 592 million for this purpose. The cost of construction, including equipment, was approximately PLN 600 million.