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MUG scientist re-elected to the International program committee in the ICHMET 2016

prof. Piotr Szeferprof. Piotr Szefer

Piotr Szefer, Ph.D., D.Sc. Professor, Head of The Department of Food Sciences Medical University of Gdańsk was re-elected to the International program committee in the ICHMET 2016!

The 18th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment, ICHMET 2016, will be held at Ghent University in Ghent, Belgium from September 12 to September 15, 2016. This 4-day meeting will provide a forum where researchers in the field of heavy metals in the environment can present their latest research and interact across various disciplines, including metal geochemistry and biogeochemistry, environmental technology and analytical chemistry.

Mysteries from the museum shelf


Louis Ombredanne invented in the 1908 of the first ether inhaler for control of the fraction of inspired ether.

This equipment has been predominant in the practice of anesthesia in Europe for over fifty years. Ombredanne Model Anesthesia Mask Early 20th Century you can see in our museum. more »

"Top 20 Award" award for Ph.D. student

Olivia Kozak, Ph.D. student at the Department of Radiology, Medical University of Gdańsk was awarded the prize “Top 20 Award” for her presentation “The assessment of the usability of the ADC as a biomarker of the inflammatory process activity in the Leśniowski Crohn’s disease” during a meeting of The European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology. The meeting took place on 14th-16th of June in Prague.

ONCA workshop in Warsaw


On Friday, 20th May 2016 delegates from 13 of the 14 country groups Involved in the Optimal Nutritional Care for All campaign (Onca) Convened in Warsaw to discuss a range of issues of malnutrition. The workshop was organized by Ewa Sobczak and Edith Wernio of the Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from the MUG. more »

A new honorary doctorate from the MUG


Prof. Barbara Krupa-Wojciechowska Ph.D. received an honorary doctorate from the MUG. The ceremony took place on June, 28th 2016 at the Narkiewicz Auditorium Primum.

Professor Barbara Krupa-Wojciechowska was born in 1930 in Warsaw, where during the Second World War finished primary school and two high school classes. In the middle of the Warsaw Uprising was deported to Germany. In 1949 obtained a matriculation certificate and began studies at the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Gdańsk (now the Medical University of Gdańsk). After graduating in 1954 she took a job in the Second Department of Internal Medicine, now the Department of Hypertension and Diabetology. more »

Summer School behind us


Summer School of Pharmaceutical Technology 20th to 24th June 2016. The special guest was Anette Larsson Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Chalmers University of Technology. She is also a Master of Science in chemical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Received their diplomas


Ninety graduates of the MUG English Division medial program received their diplomas. The ceremony took place on Monday, June 20th 2016 at 10:00 a.m. in The Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk. The ceremony include speeches by University authorities. After stating the Hippocratic Oath, the graduates received their diplomas from the MUG Recotr and Dean of Faculty of Medicine. more »

WASOG meeting in Gdańsk!


The 2016 annual meeting of WASOG was a tremendous success. It was held from June 2-4 in Gdansk, Poland, and was hosted by Professor Anna Dubaniewicz from Medical University of Gdańsk. Over 275 participants attended the meeting at the European Solidarity Center located at the historic Gdansk shipyards. The attendees were treated to a visit and inspiring lecture by the founder of the Solidarity Movement, and former President of Poland, Lech Walesa. more »

The Library is closed


From June 11th to August 20th, 2016 the Library will be closed due to interior renovation works. Following changes will be introduced: ordering the books from the online catalogue, borrowing and picking up the requested items will be possible only up to June 10th, returning the books, paying all due fines and certification of clearance slips will be held in the Library of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Al. Gen. J. Hallera 107 (Monday to Friday, from 09:00-15:00), borrowed books with date of return between June 11th – August 20th, 2016 will be automatically prolonged to the end of August; overdue fines will not be charged on these items for that period, from June 6th to June 10th there will be possible to borrow books from the Main Reading Room collection, with September 9th as due date of return – one person is entitled to borrow up to 3 books from one section, but no more than 10 items in total; the fines for unreturned items will be applied from 10 September. more »

The 11th annual Picnic for Health is behind us


Over 60 booths, several thousand of medical tests, several hundred of medical consultations, healthy food and lots of fun – that summarizes the 11th edition of the Picnic for Health organized by the MUG on June 11th 2016.

Visitors were able to measure their blood glucose levels, blood cholesterol levels, measure their blood pressure with equipment donated, learn breast self-examination, practice first aid skills including the use of an automated external defibrillator AED, purchased with the help of EDF Polska.

The event took place on Saturday June 11th between 11:00 and 15:00 at the park located along ulica Skłodowskiej-Curie. more »

The Golden Scapula Competition


Anatomy is a tough case. Some people consider it easy, others see it as very complex. For some, anatomy is a fascination, for other people it is more of a punishment. Certainly it is not one of those courses that leave us indifferent. This is why each year the Interacademic Competition of Anatomical Knowledge “Złota Łopatka” – “Golden Scapula” stirs up such strong emotions. The Competition has been held for many years now for Polish- and English-language course students who presented top level skills in anatomy. This year, following the decision of the Presidium of Polish Association of Anatomy, the competition was held on 3rd through 4th of June at the Department of Anatomy Wroclaw Medical University. Even though the participants were hampered by a sudden heat wave, they gallantly passed all three parts of the competition (a threoretical session followed by two practical ones). more »

ABC internal medicine and EKG


Finale of the “ABC internal medicine and EKG”, the oldest competition organized in ‪MUG took place on June 6th. During the solemn summary of the Competition diplomas and prizes were funded by Via Medica. Awards handed the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine prof. Alicja Dębska-Ślizień. This year’s winner is Szymon Hoppe, second place received Dominika Krenska, and the third place received to Anna Nagórka. more »

Thanks for MUG Rector


Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health Republic of Poland, Jaroslaw Pinkas during the meeting of the Conference of Rectors of Academic Medical Universities in June 3rd. personally handed MUG Rector prof. Janusz Moryś thanks for the effort and commitment put in the management of Medical University of Gdańsk for two terms.

MUG students in London


Karolina Szaruta-Raflesz and Magda Jabłońska, students from SKN Anesthesiology and Intensive Care participated on 28-30 May in the conference in London. Euroanaesthesia is an international platform for presenting original unpublished data and sharing ideas for innovation in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine and pain treatment as well as disseminating evidence-based knowledge of primary clinical relevanc. More at: euroanaesthesia2016.esahq.org

The Medical Science Day is behind us


From the early morning hours of June 20th, the Collegium Biomedicum building was taken over by crowds of youth who were taking part in the IX edition of the Medical Science Day. This was the largest medical science promotion event in the Pomorskie province. Prof. Janusz Moryś, the MUG Rector, welcomed all the guests and invited them to take advantage of the presentations offered.

Besides the mini-lectures and lab experiment demonstrations, many workshops and free examinations were offered. Together with the little scientists we learned the basics of making cremes, ointments and simple cosmetics.

More at medycznydziennauki.gumed.edu.pl.

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