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White Saturday


Preventive action students of MUG was held on November 26TH 2016. At the School Complex in Przywidz. Participated in it took 20 students and 7 doctors. Volunteers can explore: the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, measure blood pressure, perform EKG and calculate BMI. The results of the patients were consulted by doctors. Nearly 40% of people was directed to further diagnostics. The action was organized by the #MUG Student Scientific Oncological Surgery and Province of Przywidz. more »

Our students in Transylvania


The 13th Autumn Assembly which took place between the 1st and the 6th of November 2016, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. To the capital of Transylvania arrived almost 250 students from all over the Europe. Polish Association of Students of Pharmacy, branch Gdańsk was represented by three persons: Patryk Komorowski, Karolina Smolińska i Zuzanna Drażba. All participants had the opportunity to participate in interesting lectures, symposia and workshops. more »

"Leaders for Health" from the MUG

Agnieszka WillamAgnieszka Willam

Agnieszka Willam, fifth-year student of pharmacy from the MUG was selected from among more than 600 people from across the Polish participation in the fourth edition of the “Leaders for Health” („Liderzy Ochrony Zdrowia”). Almost four weeks the participants had the opportunity to exchange experiences, interviews with experts and gain practical knowledge, among others, of the functioning of the health sector, medical and pharmaceutical market, and get to know a new technologies.

Closing ceremony of the IV Edition of the “Leaders for Health” was held on October 24TH in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The MUG surgeon at a conference in the USA


The 10th International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies took place on November 17-19th, 2016 in Washington, DC.

During the conference, the Medical University of GdaŃsk was represented by prof. Tomasz Jastrzebski from the Department of Surgical Oncology.

The International Congress on Peritoneal Surface Malignancies is held biannually with the first meeting taking place in London in 1998. Starting with only 14 participants, attendance has dramatically increased over the years to 500 participants at the 2014 meeting in Amsterdam.

MUG students at the Gallery Morena


MUG students from IFMSA-Poland Gdańsk Branch conducted at the Gallery Morena action Health Under Control. They made free blood and glucose testing, check the blood pressure.

MUG students also organized campaign “Dreamy Mail”, which consisted of preparing drawing for sick children. more »

"Oatmeal for the Malagasy child" 2016

Fot. Daniel KasprowiczFot. Daniel Kasprowicz

“Kaszka dla Malgaszka” (“Oatmeal for the Malagasy child”) is a project started three years ago by MUG alumnus Daniel Kasprowicz. Before setting off to Mampikony (Madagascar) in 2014 to volunteer, Daniel organized a nation-wide effort to collect basic medication, medical supplies and nutritional supplements.

This year, the project is organized between 21.11-16.12 by the participants of the project “POMORZEmy AFRYCE” IFMSA-POLAND Branch Gdańsk. As part of the collected are: cereal milk-rice, protein-energy supplements, complementary measures electrolytes, supplements symbiotics / probiotics, multivitamin preparations. All the things you can leave in specially designed boxes in the buildings: AGN, CBM, CMI and in the main building… more »

The MUG scientist got award from the Prime Minister

Dr hab. Beata Lipska-Ziętkiewicz Ph.D, from the MUG Chair & Department of Biology and Genetics was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for 2015 year for scientific achievement, “The importance of genetic testing in clinical practice individualization in steroid-nephrotic syndromes in children.” more »

Urologists from the MUG in London


Dr hab. Marcin Matuszewski Ph.D. and Jakub Kłącz M.D., from the MUG Chair & Clinic of Urology included in the 10th Masterclass on Genito-Urethral Reconstructive Surgery lasted 5 days from Monday 31st October through to Friday 4th November, hosted by the Institute of Urology and held at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The classes were attended by nearly 40 people, including only 3 doctors urologists from Poland.

MUG students at the conference in Vienna


Adriana Och and Monika Jańczak the second year student, MA in the public health of the MUG took part in the international scientific conference – 9th European Public Health Conference.

The EPH Conference was aimed to the improvement of public health in Europe by offering a Means for exchanging information and a platform for debate to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of public health and health services research as well as public health training and education in Europe.

During the session Young Research Forum (YRF) organized by The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) ouer students presented their findings titled “The size of illicit cigaretts consumption in selected Polish cities: evidence from Gdansk and Bydgoszcz”.

YRF is an opportunity for young scientists to shift work to a wide body of European public health community. The trip was financed by Vice. Student and the MUG Student Governmen.

Graduates of the 2010-2016


Two hundred and ten graduates of the medical studies at the MUG Faculty of Medicine of the 2010-2016 received their diplomas from prof. Marcin Gruchała (Rector) and prof. Maria Dudziak (Dean of Faculty of Medicine). Medal Primus Inter Pares got Michal Kunc M.D.

The ceremony took place on November 5th 2016 at the The Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdańsk. more »

Halloween at the Chair & Clinics of Paediatrics, Diabetology and Endocrinology


Halloween Pumpkin, freezing Rose in liquid nitrogen and many others attractions at the Chair & Clinics of Paediatrics, Diabetology and Endocrinology. Halloween for children organized Department of Foreign Languages. The children have learned new words, decorating pumpkins and prepared an exhibition of Halloween pictures. more »

Training in tobacco cessation


Tadeusz Jędrzeczyk Ph.D. and Łukasz Balwicki Ph.D., from the MUG Department of Public Health & Social Medicine, participated on October 25-26,2016, in Warsaw at the “Tobacco Control Workshop for Health Professionals in Eastern Europe”. The workshop were organized by The US National Cancer Institute and the Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology – Institute for them. Maria Sklodowska-Curie. The aims of the workshop were to strengthen capacity for tobacco cessation in the region and to developed a regional network of early career health professionals, researchers and activists working in tobacco control. The workshop program included basic training in tobacco cessation. more »

The Youth Meetings with Medicine


The Youth Meetings with Medicine started from the lecture “What about the gluten” Dominika Borzyszkowska and Izabella Mularczyk, students from VI High School in Gdynia. After the lecture the presentation about the development of thoracic surgery given by Tomasz Marjański Ph.D., from Chair & Clinic of Thoracic Surgery. Marcin Ostrowski M.D. told about Polish transplantation. Youth Meetings of Medicine were unique because the first time in the 5-years history of the lecture has one of the most remarkable patients in the modern history of Polish medicine. Marek Breguła exactly 15 years ago, 25 October 2001. more »

The success of the MUG orthopedic


Marek Rocławski Ph.D, Chair & Clinic of Orthopaedics and Kinetic Organ Traumatology received the award for the best doctoral thesis Fri. “Evaluation of the results of surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis way back correction and stabilization of the spine”, while Rafał Pankowski Ph.D., for the monograph habilitation Fri. “Clinical and experimental research on direct abduct spine surgical treatment of idiopathic scoliosis,” which brought significant progress for the development of knowledge and practice in the field of surgical treatment of scoliosis. They granted them on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the existence of the Polish Society of Spinal Surgery (PTChK), which brings together orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons involved in the treatment of pathologies of the spine in Poland.

Award for the best poster

Dr hab. Paweł Wiczling Ph.D., from the MUG Department of Biopharmacy and Pharmacokinetics got second place in the competition for the best poster presented at the X jubilee conference “Analytical liquid chromatography”. The conference was held on 20-21 October 2016 in Warsaw. The winning poster speech dr. hab. Paweł Wiczling Ph.D., Fri. “The use of the hierarchical model and Bayesian inference in the selection of separation conditions in the systems RP-HPLC” is an example of using mathematical modeling based on Bayesian statistics on the optimum conditions for the separation in RP-HPLC systems.

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